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are you high? :cannabis_leaf:

did they just go with "which of us looks the most like channing tatum"?

@vantablack ...he does not look like a high schooler

get "cold" vibes from the NIN album And All That Could Have Been too



but tbh THIS takes the cake as the absolutely most emotional, indescribable, just... serene yet melancholy yet hopeful instrumental I've ever heard

Nine Inch Nails - Leaving Hope

damn TGWTDT soundtrack was my j a m for the longest time

but I listened to it too much and stopped getting those same cold winter vibes from it

Hell yeah.
I need your signature on it, by the wayy


It took me minute realize what was going on. You are definitely eligible to design a dream that has three layers (if you have seen the Inception movie)

I just want to know, which song is it? The unstoppable music on your darkness...

A bot can't make a website that is as cool as yours.

i'm real, okay

i just don't post selfies atm bc reasons

sometimes I feel like my entire life is so fucking ridiculous people on here probably don't even think I'm a real person

probably imposter syndrome tho

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