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@SarcasmKid We're going to create a chain of people who worship and observe Taco Tuesday.

I'm gonna make the first Tuesday of the month my taco Tuesday, just gotta convince my friends to do it as well lol

someone like this post a bunch of times as I need to find my phone

@vantablack what if the real vantablack was the weirdness things made along the way?

what if the real Cicada 3301 was the friends they made along the way

@vantablack I run the following as a nice flexy compromise (shrinks to default width, but grows more if there's room without scrollbars):

.column:nth-child(2), .drawer:nth-child(2) { margin-left: auto; }

.column:last-child, .drawer:last-child { margin-right: auto; }

.column { flex-grow: 1; max-width: 500px; min-width: 350px; }

if chill radio 24/7 is so good why isn't there a chill radio 25/8

@mairin when you think about it, this is a hellish interpretation of cyberpunk.

We are living in the bad timeline.

wow fuck having all the columns rearranged is tripping me out while I'm sleep deprived and 420

I keep forgetting the URL of the instance my no character length account is on lol

10 vantablobs for anybody who guesses the reference lmao

🎢🎡 doo doo doo doo doo doo 🎡🎢

🎢🎡 doo doo doo doo doo doo 🎡🎢

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