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some dude in the drive through also had a galaxy watch, but he had a smaller version

less than an hour left of this shift

can't wait to be home, and high, and free

"extra" as in we made it and didn't give it out, we would have thrown it away otherwise

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the other day at work some dude was rude and snippy in the drive through so we gave him a free shake (it was extra) since he was very clearly having a bad day

just paid for my lunch at work using my fucking watch

cyberpunk is now

got the new schedule. after three weeks of working seven days a week, my boss finally gave me a day off -- a single day, saturday

oh well i'd prefer at least two but it's better than none

Asking for financial help 

my boss was being super fucking annoying and rushing me earlier

Making a new genre of music for planning heists to.

It's called "caperwave"

ugh i have work at 12:00

from 12:00 to 6:00

i'm getting there right in the middle of the lunch rush :(

i have to start getting ready for work in half an hour :(

mr. robot s4e9 spoilers 

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mr. robot s4e9 spoilers 

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