Show more is just the perfect site for me

it was the laziest possible way to design my site but it fits me perfectly is just the perfect site for me

it was the laziest possible way to design my site but it fits me perfectly

work is fucking hell

i am excited to call my dad tomorrow and see about going back to college

i don't know what i was thinking when i dropped out -- classes were stressful, but having a job is WAY WORSE


"The factors a scientist would remove from a rat’s life to make it depressed — predictability and control — are the exact things that have been removed from workers’ lives in the name of corporate flexibility and increased productivity. There’s little more relief for many low-wage workers than for those lab rats desperately trying to keep their heads above water."


i didn't think i'd get a 30 today but they gave me one

they think they're pulling a fast one on me because breaks aren't paid, but joke's on them because it makes this shift more bearable

legal cannabis, ILpol, labor 

ugh i have to start getting ready for work in 20 minutes

at least it's only a five-and-a-half hour shift today, and at least they asked me to come 45 minutes later so i have to work less

"There is a continuous warfare between capital and labor. That warfare generally proceeds within so-called legal form. But even these erupt now and then in violence, as during strikes and lockouts, because the armed fist of government is always at the service of the masters, and that fist gets into action the moment capital feels its profits threatened: then it drops the mask of “mutual interests” and “partnership” with labor and resorts to the final argument of every master, to coercion and force.

It is therefore certain that government and capital will not allow themselves to be quietly abolished if they can help it; nor will they miraculously “disappear” of themselves, as some people pretend to believe. It will require a revolution to get rid of them."

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"There is no record of any government or authority, of any group or class in power having given up its mastery voluntarily. In every instance it required the use of force, or at least the threat of it.

Is it reasonable to assume that authority and wealth will experience a sudden change of heart, and that they will behave differently in the future than they had in the past?

Your common sense will tell you that it is a vain and foolish hope. Government and capital will fight to retain power. They do it even to-day at the least menace to their privileges. They will fight to the death for their existence.

That is why it is no prophecy to foresee that some day it must come to a decisive struggle between the masters of life and the dispossessed classes.

As a matter of fact, that struggle is going on all the time."

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oh no i can't remember if i took my meds or not and i didn't post a "meds taken" post this morning

proposing a rule 0 for promoting your work on the fediverse (317 words): 

"It can be statistically proven that three hours’ work a day, at most, is sufficient to feed, shelter, and clothe the world and supply it not only with necessities but also with all modern comforts of life. The point is that not one man in five is to-day doing any productive work. The entire world is supported by a small minority of toilers."

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