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are you high? :cannabis_leaf:

A quick PSA:

I keep seeing "Mastodon is being slow" or "Mastodon is loading incorrectly."

The thing is, is loading slowly cos y'all are stressing the servers out.

Other instances aren't having this problem, and the easiest solution to the problem is to move to a different instance.


*end PSA*

the existence of mastodon implies the existence of an equal-and-opposite, wastodon

my therapist will be here at 2:10, not at 2:00

I could've had time for another episode

should I get dressed or just put on the next episode of bojack horseman

dammit I don't wanna do therapy in half an hour I wanna keep watching bojack horseman

on the phone with my bank getting the dmv thing sorted out

chewing gum Show more

BOOST if Antifa are braver than the troops (yes)

just kidding nothing is ever easy

there's a way to undo coming out on facebook though

it'll be so easy