It's okay if you didn't get it all done today.

my uber driver just got here, turned around, and left... and now the app is finding me a new driver


Ooh someone posted @vantablack 's screenshot of a fediverse post (possibly taken from Facebook) on /r/cyberpunk, so I'm posting a screenshot of the post with the screenshot of the post because yes

corporate social media must be dismantled.

communities must police themselves.

Toxicity is everywhere.

christian transphobia, re-posted with cw Show more

okay, enough getting mad over transphobic reddit christians

time to start getting ready for work

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@vantablack my big answer would be "it's none of your business, do nothing, do not White Knight, do not take the Lord's plan in your hands, it is not your decision to make. God will make his judgement"

/r/truechristian demographic survey

the highest-rated comment is "Only two gender options. Bold move, I like it."

😠 😡 🤢 🤮

Remember: the red pill in "The Matrix" was based on estrogen pills. Any man who claims he's redpilled is symbolically becoming a trans woman. Facts not feelings, MRAs; if you don't like the facts, find a different metaphor.

@vantablack I just read that one, it's awful. The comments are worse.

why am I purposefully looking for stuff I just know is gonna piss me off? ugh

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