apes of the state - bill collector's theme song

got bill collectors calling us to pay back student loans
but they can't ever find us if we throw away our phones
then we can sit in diners, drinking coffee smoking cigarettes outside
look in each others' eyes without cell phone lights to hide behind and
we can just kick off our shoes and make these sidewalks home
we'll write songs and sing for food and we'll never be alone
never be alone, never be alone, never be alone when we're with friends
and we'll never owe shit to anyone else
no we'll never owe shit to anyone else
no we'll never owe shit to anyone else
no we'll never owe shit to anyone


local news legend - anarcho loser

politically inclined with self-esteem
time to fuck with this country
hope that everyone agrees
time to start the anarchy


apes of the state - snowflake

i’m not a special snowflake but if everybody looked and acted this way it would start to lose its charm
there’s a reason that we find our friends in dirty basement punk rock shows and not everyday walking down the sidewalk
so they might call us freaks or say we should act our age
but all my friends are beautiful and i hope they never ever change


escape from the zoo - crackpipe

when it's hard to wake up
hard to function
hard to cope
without a six pack, a bag of weed
or a bump of coke
we've lost autonomy
and depleted all our dopamine
now the world does seem a dreary place
devoid of any hope without a vice

we poison ourselves and don't think twice
about the consequence when the crutches feel so nice
when we put band aids on our bullet wounds we
subtract good add vice


incubus - drive

whatever tomorrow brings i’ll be there
with open arms and open eyes, yeah
whatever tomorrow brings i’ll be there
i’ll be there


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