hey why isn't "I am LGBT" listed on

trust me gargy, that's a huge fuckin selling point

if you think that would be offputting, actually it's the opposite

like you could ride that PR train to way more publicity, in a good way

community moderation takes care of any concerns over harassment

I believe in youuuu

gargy I know you're probably concerned about people thinking of Mastodon as "the new Tumblr" and that's why "I am LGBT" isn't listed on

but, there are other things for it to be known for

it can't be pigeonholed like other social media sites due to its decentralized nature

and community moderation ensures nobody will get toxic or vitrolic

and also, it'd be good PR


@gargron (and seriously thank you so much for making mastodon, it has been nothing short of profoundly positive and life-changing)

@vantablack i think there was some prior discussion of it, and i wasn't exactly convinced by any of the reasons given against adding it

@vantablack like, we've got sports fan as a category but not queer or furry, and it's just goofy

@vantablack Community moderation doesn't necessarily guarantee good behavior. Sometimes admins can be bad. But it's a much better way of doing things than the monolithic systems.

@vantablack To elaborate, I don't like the idea of putting it there because all the other categories are based on interests/professions, not identities. It would feel wrong to put "I am white" or "I am black" on there because that's too close to segregation. But I was convinced that people want to talk *about* LGBT issues, so I think that becomes an interest then. Similarly, maybe an "I am interested in POC issues" would be okay (but "I am non-white" would not be)

@Gargron @vantablack maybe not "interest" or "identity" specifically, but community? since smaller instances have that community vibe right now, that's how i always saw the breakdown


hey but letter salad is shit though

literally it leaves out so many fucking people its ridiculous

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