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:cannabis_leaf: @vantablack

I'm still waiting for to announce that they're changing the name of the to the Foundation for Software Freedom. cybre.space/media/SwZvkfCHs5Ua

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@vantablack That's Libre as in liberty, not Libre as in Lucha.

Not that I'd be against seeing Richard Stallman put on a mask and body-slam someone through a table…

@vantablack well I changed #rms mind on a licensing issue.

*dramatic pause*

It was just a silly song from his Doggerel page, and he was nice enough to change the license of the hole page from CC By-ND to CC By, so that I could translate and publish it in Polish: rys.io/pl/98

Original (with a backlink!) here: stallman.org/doggerel.html#Ive

#SmallVictories ;)

@crecca @vantablack well, I worked off of very solid original material, I guess! ;)

@vantablack That might actually be a good idea, because it avoids confusion about the meaning of "Free" in English.

@cosine I sent the email on June 9th, 2017 and recieved the reply on June 10th

@vantablack That would be a good idea! I hope this happens! 😮