"all i know about BSD is it's the linux of linux"

@vantablack I definitely tell people that i'm a Linux user, but from the perspective of Linux users


First you got "normal" Linux Distros. Then there's Arch, which is the Linux of Linux. Then there's LFS/Gentoo which is the Arch of Arch. THEN there's BSD which is the Gentoo of Gentoo.

Higher and higher levels of tech-hipsterism and paranoia.

(Btw I...)

@vantablack i love this because it even extends to the fanbase
bsd guys are the linux guys of linux guys

@becquerel @vantablack i have been a bsd user for 10 years, developer for the 4 years, made a career out of it and everything, and i think I've ascended to a higher level.

i don't even like talking about computers with people any more, i feel like an alien and get depressed and wanna go for a long walk in the woods

@becquerel @vantablack it feels like being out of step with time. i need to go to an alternate timeline so i can find people who understand why it makes sense for me to use the smallest BSD OS which has approximately zero support from any corp, exclusively, on all computers

drugs ref 

@vantablack someone once told me that Berkeley is famous for mostly two things, BSD and LSD and it's not always easy to tell which is which

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