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FUN FACT: if you're in the united states, it is your GOD GIVEN RIGHT AS AN AMERICAN CITIZEN that you are entitled to as many fucking free label 228's from the united states postal service as you goddamn want

the one limitation is that you can only order up to 750 at a time

what are they good for? oh, y'know... for those times when you wanna make stickers to put on things at places!

(juuuuust kidding, that's illegal and i'd never condone that!)

quoth wikipedia,

"Because of the label's availability, and the relatively large blank areas within the design, it has been widely used in sticker art and graffiti more commonly known as "slaps". Unlike many other stickers and labels, label 228 is free, and can be acquired in large quantities (up to 750 at a time through the USPS website). It can be drawn on using many different artistic media, including acrylic paints and simple pencils, as well as inkjet and laser printers. They can also be applied to many surfaces very quickly, reducing the risk of being caught."

@vantablack it's sad that there's so few useful and easy to access government services in this hell country that this actually feels like a significant gift

@vantablack i knew i'd have a reason for getting paint markers

@vantablack you can also get a free magazine about stamps?? And a shoe box?? Actually just sort by price low to high there’s some stuff there

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