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as someone with ADHD i can confirm the american education system is ENTIRELY bullshit

cheating on assignments is always morally valid, it doesn't matter if you're in middle school or college

i support and condone plagiarism and all other manners of academic treachery

fuck em

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i cheated my way through graduating high school lol

did virtual schooling from home which meant i was just able to look up the answers to every assignment

i wouldn't have been able to do all that math bullshit normally

ofc for tests i had to go into the actual facility in person and they'd watch us to make sure we weren't cheating

so i still only passed algebra by a single point when they combined my assignment and test scores lmao

but still, cheating made it possible

@vantablack I had a very cool English Literature teacher in 3rd year (I think thats grade 8 in USA) who didn't mention in reports or to my parents that I only did 70% of the creative writing homework and some was way late, as he had met my parents (he was interested in Asian culture) and knew what they were like (he also told class about the anarchist bookshop and all the cool things you can find there)

@vantablack ru education would collapse if people couldn't cheat tbh

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