positive, work, etc. 

my mental health has been so good lately i'm gonna do something i never thought i'd have the willpower to do

and find a job again

something remote, because i have asthma and if i catch covid i'm fucked

hopefully something part-time, but i wouldn't say no to full time if the situation seemed right

the electrical bill is $700 in debt and at $1000 they're gonna shut it off so

DD asked me to, they were waiting til i was in a good place mentally

but before i'm able to do that

i NEED to change my name and gender marker

i will fucking die inside if i have to see/hear my deadname and be gendered as male every day

so tomorrow morning i'm gonna make a post asking for help with the $300 fee and explaining everything

on top of the post i made earlier today asking for $250 for groceries and a ride to an eyeglasses appointment and such

ugh i'm so close to being able to not have to do this anymore, i just need to get past this one last little bit

i got this

i believe in myself

i can do it

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positive, work, etc. 

i'm so goddamn excited to not just barely scrape by anymore

and overall i'm just happy about this

i mean it's certainly a far from ideal situation to be in

but the bright side is that i'm finally actually capable of tackling it

positive, work, etc. 


20 minutes and zero interactions with this extremely happy post


positive, work, etc. 

apparently it might be possible to get the fee waived

fuck yeah

positive, work, etc. 

@vantablack adkjfh sorry i thought id did it! im really happy for you :>

@vantablack hey I read this by chance the night before and wanted to say that I'm really happy for you and just overall sending lots of love :heart_cyber:

I hope everything goes well and wish you the best of lucks

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