if you're unfamiliar with video editing as an art (yes, it's an art form)

or just wanna know more about what all goes into it

this 20 minute video illustrates just how powerful a tool editing can be

it turns out, some turds CAN be polished

and editing is actually the most crucial part of things

yet it so often goes overlooked and underappreciated

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that's right

i said it

editing is the most important part

it's crucial

it's the difference

between a good video and a bad one

that might seem like a lofty claim to be making but if you just watch the video i linked it'll all make sense

a good editor can stretch subpar footage to make something at least decent

but a bad editor can't magically take amazing footage and make something super good

"how does video editing go overlooked and underappreciated?"

unless you yourself are a video editor

when's the last time you were watching a movie or tv show or youtube video

and thought to yourself "wow that was a good edit!"

people usually think to themselves "wow this is a nice soundtrack!" or "wow this actor sure is giving a good performance!"

but when's the last time you considered all the editing work that went into what you're watching? lol

if there even are any times, you can probably count them on one hand

@vantablack in fact, i've found bad editors can often take great footage and make it significantly worse

After learning about I at least learned more to consider the perspective.

@vantablack nearly every time I'm watching something I'm amazed. While I'm thinking, damn I know how it's done. Fun and Curse of my job.

@vantablack Better Call Saul. That TV show continues to impress me with camera and editing. I mean, I'm not doing that kind of thing professionally, but I think every episode I have a moment or two when I get excited about that.

I've also been very impressed with the staircase/hallway fight scenes in Daredevil, which I'm sure were edited, because they had plenty of opportunity, but if so it was very smooth.

@vantablack Recently, but it's because it was a YouTube video and it's obvious the visual jokes are chosen by the editor (or they make themself know, like an animated character)

@vantablack Admittedly I only notice video editing when it's very, very bad, egregiously, offensively bad, by which I mean local TV news, which I'm literally unable to watch due to my vulnerability to sensory overload. But I have a low-bandwidth brain that relates more to audio than to video, and more to text than to audio.

@vantablack i do tend to notice when things are particularly well edited; it really brings things together in ways nothing else can

@vantablack i always say the dichotomy of raw material vs. processed material like

all a hunter can do is get you leather. it can be atrocious leather. or they could've processed the animal skin with the patience of a saint.

until you process it and make a hat out of it, they can protest all they want and it matters shit, they can barely cover their head with it.

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