my only gripe with "pirating" spotify (aka listening to it in the browser with ublock origin installed to block all the ads and basically get nearly the same experience as premium but for free)

is the fact that sometimes if i leave the page open for too long shit stops working and i have to reload it

but i'd definitely rather deal with that than pay $10 a month to fuckin spotify lol

i call this "pirating" spotify because

1. it's fun

and 2. to poke fun at the people who unironically say adblocking is piracy lmao

adblocking is only like piracy in the sense that you should be doing both lmao

@vantablack wasn't there some extremely bad take recently saying that they were the same? but regardless yes, full agree

@vantablack probably public knowledge but immediately after that, someone had found a video where they show you how to block ads, which ya know, of course they did

@vantablack I think they're similar (?)

If we pay for the cost of something through consuming ads, not consuming those ads is like not paying its cost

Piracy is getting something that usually costs money for free so I see where that'd come from

@vantablack (for any inquiries about my stance on piracy refer to my pinned post)

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