omg so

thanks to tvtropes i learned about this racing game called "buck up and drive"

it has pride flags on some of the billboards during races

there's an option to toggle them off


trying to turn them off doesn't actually get rid of them

instead, it turns EVERY billboard into a pride flag


@vantablack That is some amazing next level trolling of bigots, I love it!

@vantablack ive played this game you can use the car to grind on the rails

@vantablack the next time i see someone ask what "praxis" means I'm going to point them to this

@vantablack yeah I've heard about this game. Actually bought it and looking to play it sometime!

@vantablack nono you misunderstood. That toggle isn't for pride flag billboards

It's a toggle for regular billboards.

@RyukoRazz @vantablack no ashi theres always pride boards i think the toggle literally trolls you

@lyncia @vantablack i definitely could've worded that better.

I meant the toggle turns off normal billboards instead of pride flag billboards.

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