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just realized the exterior of my new minecraft house on the tilde server is finished and i can share pics!!!!

made a little garden behind my house

i wanted a backyard, but i had built up against one of the walls of the undercity

my solution?

dig a medium-ish alcove into the wall itself, as far back as i was able to without hitting someone else's tunnels

that's one of the ways the undercity is future-proofed, there's more space than there seems because i'm hoping people will start building into the walls as well

and once the deepcity is finished there'll be even more subterranean building space under spawn!

tilde minecraft (the undercity) 

for those who aren't in-the-know

the undercity is a massive underground complex me and some other peeps dug out under spawn using TNT and such over the course of about seven months (most of which was spent procrastinating on it, to be fair)

i mean it was my idea and i led the project, but i had lotsa help!!! i couldn't have done it alone

the intent was to have twice as much building area at spawn in half the space

and now that the most recent update lowered the world EVEN FURTHER

there's enough space for A WHOLE 'NOTHER ONE underneath it

so that's my current project, aside from this house

gotta farm a shitload of gold, to trade to piglins for crying obsidian, so i can cover the roof of the deepcity in it before we start blasting that way nothing above gets damaged

and yes, it WAS named after the undercity from guild wars factions

though i didn't realize it at the time, i just remembered hearing the phrase "undercity" somewhere and liking it so that's what i decided to call it

okay so i've decided to build a much larger garden at metro-level where it connects to my house near the roof

the one in the pics will just be the ground-level entrance

off to a good start with the massive garden i'm building

laid down all the grass, did the walls and ceiling, and built an awesome fountain

here's how it looks so far

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guess i'm just gonna have to deal with glow squids spawning in it all the time lmao

just like how the undercity is besieged by slimes and there's nothing anyone can do about it because spawn just so happens to be a slime chunk

if i can get sose to put the "mobs to eggs" plugin on the server i'll make it a menagerie garden instead of just a regular garden

i'll get like a few of every animal probably

i've decided to name it "night garden" because of the blackstone walls and ceiling making it look like nighttime

@vantablack aaaaaaa I love it
maybe if I see enough of your posts I will become a good minecraft builder by osmosis
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