@vantablack i will never get over the fact that the common image for these memes is actually a loss meme

@kuba @vantablack Nope, I’ve verbally gone through this with many people. “What were we talking about again? We were talking about X… then Y… oh yeah!”

@vantablack Don't think that's exclusive to people with ADHD, but it probably happens more often...
I often have to do it quite a bit...

@vantablack@cybre.space uh oh is that not normal for people without adhd

adds it to the list}

@vantablack and somehow end up having an entirely new thought

@vantablack everybody does that multiple times a day, right? It's not just me

@_sharpLimefox @vantablack sometimes I do, not daily, but also going to a place purposefully, but forgetting why when I arrive at my destination.

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