i have to sign into youtube to watch a clip from red vs. blue because it's rated TV-14?

what has the fucking world come to?

this is absurd. red vs. blue was my childhood and i wouldn't even be able to fucking watch it nowadays. what the hell?

i mean i was a resourceful little scamp, i knew all about torrents and such, but for someone not as well-versed in such things? this would absolutely suck and stop them from being able to watch it

i don't get it

in europe you have to log in with a fucking credit card or passport to watch age-restricted videos

how does this work on a TV-14 video if you're in like the 8th grade?

do you need to ask your parents for their credit cards or something???

mine wouldn't be okay with that in the least bit


also shoutout to youtube for age restricting like half the videos i made before i turned 18

that... makes sense! totally!

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and i mean, like, retroactively

a few months ago i just got a buncha emails saying a ton of my old videos from yeeeeeaaaars ago (and also some from more recently on my new account) had been age-restricted

it happened in one big wave

@vantablack there seems to be little logic to what YouTube does nowadays, unless its deliberately done badly in the hope people push back against their countries regulations - BTW I can't even see the older videos in your channel and they never asked for age ID in Europe in the way they do today until a couple of years ago when the EU passed some other laws.... also it happens other way round, videos made by grown adults get randomly put into YouTube kids...

@vantablack eve more bizzare is videos you have made about various hemp cigarettes *aren't* age restricted in any country when you have to be at least 18 to buy them nowadays and the shops have to check ID by law.. Also none of your age restricted videos are even showing up on your channel from UK...

I think at least part of this is done to make you cough up more details about exactly how old you are so it can be fed back to advertisers...

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