if you've ever wondered why i make the lines in my lyricposts sooooo short


"cutting lyrical lines
in half like this"

it's because i use the "advanced view" of mastodon

the one with multiple columns

and i hate it when text in lyricposts gets wrapped to the next line when i don't want it to

i realize now a lot more people probably use the "default" view nowadays so i don't really need to do this anymore, but yeah lol


i highly recommend the "advanced view" if you haven't tried it yet

it was the original UI for mastodon before the new one happened

it's really useful and customizable and yeah

i love it

i run mine with five columns (six if you count the compose box column)

from left to right: notifs, home, local, a special list for friends, and then the "getting started" thing

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i used to run an additional column for the federated timeline, but i never used it so i got rid of it lol

@vantablack I'm not sure why anyone'd even want to use the non-advanced interface unless they didn't know an alternative existed. I don't even have any other columns besides Notifications pinned, and yet I prefer it. It's just so much nicer!

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