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fun fact, people apparently fucking hated shopping carts when they were first invented

because they reminded women of baby carriages, and insulted men's ability to act all tough carrying shit on their own

the dude who invented them had to straight-up hire fucking models to push shopping carts around his stores just to clue people in on their usefulness lmao

this is ALSO why greeters were invented

to peer-pressure people into using shopping carts, basically

if someone refused one upon entering, they'd have the greeter be all like "why not? everyone else has one" lmao


Sidebar - Weren't "greeters" invented to make you feel obligated to grab a cart so you'd buy more stuff? I feel like that was a part of lore in the homeland of Walmart (where I'm from).

@vantablack @solarpunkgnome

do they still have them in USA? The ones at ASDA (British Walmart) all got redeployed to checkouts or laid off in the early 2010s...

@vfrmedia @vantablack

They might be gone now? I haven’t been to a Walmart in ages.

@vantablack I absolutely buy more things I didn't intend to buy when I use a (even small) shopping cart instead of a hand basket.

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