suicide, transphobia 

someone in my guild wars 1 guild just deadnamed caitlyn jenner as a joke and now i'm thinking about that time shortly after i came out on facebook when someone sent me a list of the top easiest suicide methods

suicide, transphobia, guild wars 1 

i did my best to ignore it and quickly steer the conversation back to something guild wars related, so it was buried beneath lots more text before anyone else could say something even shittier

but like

i wasn't about to challenge it

this guild is too important a resource for me

they give me free gold and weapons and shit and help me out with missions and quests

i hate life

suicide, transphobia, guild wars 1 

i tried asking on reddit if there were any queer-friendly guilds and i got majorly downvoted and told there are basically only five major guilds left in the game

this is one of them

suicide, transphobia, guild wars 1 

i'm still gonna try to get my meds through an urgent care still but i honestly won't be too sad if i have to kill myself to stop the schizophrenia from making me suffer

suicide, transphobia, guild wars 1 

this is a guild that assumes literally everyone is a "he" unless they say otherwise

i already know how pushing back against transphobia in here would turn out

suicide, transphobia, guild wars 1 

yeah i could at least do a /report on it

but i don't think arena net would care

why would they?


suicide, transphobia, guild wars 1 

so i can't do anything except sit here and feel like shit

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suicide, transphobia, guild wars 1 

i am reminded that the world at large sees trans people as nothing more than a joke

i wish every transphobe on this planet would die in the most excruciating circumstances possible

suicide, transphobia, guild wars 1 

no second chances

no coming around and changing

if you presently hold views that cause trans people to kill themselves every day

you presently deserve to die

full stop

transphobia, guild wars 1 

if i manage to sell this varesh mini for some absurd sum of ectos i'm using it to fund the founding of a queer guild

we'll get a big guild hall and everything

re: suicide, transphobia, guild wars 1 

@vantablack if they make you uncomfortable then peace out of that guild. who cares if that's one of the big ones. i have 100% completion in all gw1 games and i did it in a guild with 3 others. Poke around and find a few people you get along with and be happy. A game is never worth suicidal thoughts

re: suicide, transphobia, guild wars 1 

@tomasino @vantablack like i am starting to say now: ‘it’s not a problem with me, it’s a problem with them’!!

fuck the bigots and the haters

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