hey is there anybody on the fediverse who lived in germany between like 1982-1984 and listened to NDR

or anyone who was active in the music scene there around that time

or even any radio DJ's from that era

because the world could use your help solving the mystery of the most mysterious song on the internet

basically, all you need to do is read the wikipedia article and listen to the song and hopefully you'll recognize it and remember who it is

boosts appreciated, you never know, fedi might be the place to crack this case!!! :boost_ok:

@vantablack It sounds vaguely familiar, but that could just be because it sounds like some other songs from the '80s. I could've sworn that someone had figured this out, though...

I thought I've already heard about any unsolved code, book, language or in this case a song. I am proven wrong 😂
What the h*** is that thing? darn....rabbit hole....esc....esc...aarg, trapped 🤷‍♂️

@vantablack Most Mysterious Song On the Internet hunter, here. o/

@vantablack @mood I grew up in a place where NDR is the public broadcaster but I would’ve been too young then. Song isn’t familiar but there’s tons of bands it could be from, including ones from that very era and region like

I assume you’ve tried asking NDR?

@vantablack @mood never mind. I see that NDR already did an article about it, shrugging.

@vantablack ich rufe meinen sehr NDW Schwiegerbruder sofort an!

@vantablack Just sent the links to team mates at NDR. ;)

@vantablack I'd ask my wife who was living in East Germany during that time, but she was only a toddler at that point and I doubt she'd have any recollection :)

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