fun fact: the dude who did that song "cars" in the 80's is still alive and making music AND IT'S LIKE THIS

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@vantablack Cars?


Down in the Park is where it's at... and the new stuff.


@TheGibson @vantablack


Tubeway Army

(but yes, I got there many, many years later... Cars was the tune that hooked me in '79. I just had no way at age 11 to find other tracks.)

@Truck @vantablack


a lot of good stuff in there.

but this new album is kind of perfect.

@TheGibson @vantablack

the original was playing in ASDA (British Walmart) literally the week I passed my driving test in 2019.

BTW whilst the track is very often used for videos about sports cars/supercars, the car that inspired it was a Morris Marina similar to his one (Gary had to drive fast and even on the pavement (sidewalk) to get away quickly from some National Front types who were threatening him in London)

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