god damn it i tried downloading ffmpeg for windows so i can keep working on this music video but

it's just not working

nothing happens when i run the executable

and the readme wasn't the least bit helpful at all

nor the jumbled up mess of a webpage i downloaded it from

what the fuck

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when i say "jumbled mess of a webpage" i mean it

imagine you're me, stoned and having ADHD, trying to skim this page for a download link:

it's fucking impossible

the other download link the main site provided is EVEN WORSE

i can't even begin to make fucking sense of it

okay i figured it out

just gonna use handbrake and wait

@vantablack you have to call the executable from the command prompt

if you need ffmpeg installed for some other program then that other program should have a way of browsing to find the ffmpeg executable, and that other program will call ffmpeg for you as it needs to

@trwnh @vantablack

I've seen K-Lite Codec Pack run FFMPEG for its media player (its bundled with it) - but its harder to run on its own unless you want to use the CLI.

If I were doing it I'd convert all the files using Handbrake as I prefer GUI stuff for video; its a pain in the arse and breaks your workflow but unfortunately sometimes a necessary evil (back in the day you would have had to ingest all the videotape via a capture card before you could work with the cartoon segments)

@trwnh @vantablack

it looks like Handbrake already uses the FFMPEG code for transcoding videos so you shouldn't need to download it separately. May be worth setting up the computer to batch convert the videos, leaving it running and then coming back to the project when they are all done...

@vantablack I've used this project before as a ffmpeg frontend:

ffmpeg is... a beast. it is hella unintuitive and i find myself googling tutorials each time i need to use the CLI

It's meant more to be used by programs than people.
@vantablack oh no it looks like this project hasn't been updated in five years, lemme see if i can snag anything better supported

@vantablack what do you even need ffmpeg for if not to include it in some other program? that's why there's all the gpl / lgpl / shared stuff in the filenames -- those are the licenses of each binary

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@vantablack OR you can use mkvtoolnix's windows port. I didn't think it had one but it should have a GUI, unlike ffmpeg.

@vantablack I think the Lame installer also installs ffmpeg. Might try that. It's been a while since I've done anything on windows, though. Good luck!

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