HERE IT IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

this is my best video yet

with every one i do i get a liiiiiiittle bit better at video editing

it's exactly like grinding for xp in an mmo

i know it says it in the description of the video but i'll say it here too

spoilers for all six seasons of bojack horseman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

like every video i edit, i keep rewatching it ad infinitum

basically every line of the song has a corresponding clip that's related in some way

some are more obvious than others

but if you've seen the show, it should all make sense

bojack horseman season 1 spoilers 

"tell me i'm a bad man" then you have herb, who told bojack he was a bad man, running at the camera

that's one of the less-obvious ones

bojack horseman season 3 spoilers 

"say what i wanna say" as bojack is writing that letter to kelsey and saying what he wants to say

god damn it now i'm never gonna be able to listen house of wolves without imagining bojack dancing during the bridge

😂 😂 😂

@vantablack i hate that you made this so much but thank you ill never be able to repay you

@vantablack Whoa this is so so awesome!! 😍

My favourite part was when it cut from the ending of “Escape from LA” to BoJack standing in front of the stairs leading up to the Philbert balloon, that was really powerful imo

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