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you know how grinding is like DIY biohacking? whereas biohacking is done by sciencey types in fancy labs, grinding is done on a low budget at home?

there needs to be a term for DIY techwear that isn't just "DIY techwear"

because i kinda fucking hate techwear just for how expensive it is


okay so you know how in cyberpunk everyone is either poor or rich

techwear is the rich person's cyberpunk clothing, because it costs so fucking much

you wouldn't see a regular person in a cyberpunk setting wearing it

what WOULD you see them wearing? DIY techwear, for lack of a better term

the kind of shit i make

well, fuck

i guess this is my chance to coin a term

except i can't think of one


i can't think of anything better

okay DIY techwear is now called punkwear

that's just a fact of life and we're all gonna have to live with it

what's punkwear?

sewing extra pockets onto something to give yourself more storage space

putting spikes on your jacket so people stay away from you on public transit

mending and reinforcing holes in your clothes with sashiko

and much, much more! i've just given you the term and a few examples, it's your turn to have fun with it!!!

@vantablack the fact that not every human knows how to sew and cook literally makes me super sad.

@vantablack Also reusing old waterproof fabrics could potentially help make these clothes water resistant and reuse stuff. One thing I would love to learn is how to make a jacket heat insulating or privacy focused with aluminium blankets.

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