you HAVE TO choose one

you can't choose both or neither

@vantablack honestly the bit that bugged me the most is that you have to pick men, women, or both, but there are gender options for non-binary.

It's a half-assed attempt at being inclusive

@vantablack I mean also what if I want to be only shown to cute enbies? I can't even choose that even though you can say that you are

@vantablack i literally just went through this with bumble as well. Fucking stupid performative activism at its finest.

"We support trans and non binary identites!" Then why arent we included in your core systems assholes.

@vantablack @brebna I’ve found okay cupid to have a bit more in terms of gender options. You can still use it for friends or hookups too despite the name. In case you’re interested

@CameronFletchrr @vantablack o I'm not looking, I don't have tinder anymore it's just such shitty design

@brebna @vantablack Sorry, I think it just tagged you in my reply because I was responding to your boost.

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