hot take but requiring people to "dress up" for job interviews is shitty and classist as fuck

people should be able to wear whatever they want, whatever they HAVE, to interviews

because the whole point of a job

is to make money

to buy things you don't have


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@vantablack say it louder for people in the back.

somehow the tie test is still one of the best litmus tests devised for figuring out if a computing company is worthwhile working at or not
@pantransautie @vantablack Go to an interview dressed up and don't wear a tie. If they comment on it, the place isn't worth your time, because they care more about a dress code than they do about performance / skill.

I think these days the equivalent is asking if they do remote, because that tells you if they care more about warm bodies on seats than they care about the performance of their employees, it also tells you a lot about their internal tooling and whether it's worth giving a shit

jobs (-) 

@vantablack As someone who interviews candidates, I feel uncomfortable if the candidate is overdressed.

Here in Singapore, ties are rare so it's surprising to see someone wear it during an interview. That said, it's understandable that a candidate doesn't want to be underdressed and they may be uncomfortable asking HR what clothes people usually wear in the office?

@vantablack I think part of the reason why I always had trouble getting through job interviews is that they were often tests for whether the candidate is middle class enough. There was often coded language to check whether you had learned something in a very specific kind of institutional context.

@vantablack you should turn up to a job interview in rags and the employer should be GRATEFUL you give them your time

@vantablack turn up in a dinosaur onesie

"I was told to dress up, I'm here as a t-rex"

@vantablack Absolutely. The part of work (and school) that I hated the most. Making people wear certain things when it isn't a necessity is a way to intentionally undermine individuality. The goal *that* is to try and turn people into machines.

@vantablack one of the advantages of working in a skilled trade is that they always might ask you to go do the thing during the interview, so you get to dress for the job. (and lathes + neckties = horrible doom)

@vantablack (as advantageous as anything related to being an instrument of capital can be)

(thread missing CW) Terran horribleness, classism, corporate culture, arbitrary standards, abuse of clothing 

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