@vantablack over here anything with 1970s concrete has long since been removed and replaced with something newer to prevent things like that happening -
(coincidentally I was at the coast last Friday investigating mobile phone reception blackspot caused by a new metal pier one one side and seaside flats with metal balconies on the other).

In coastal towns we usually only have one pier, for people to walk along and go to traditional seaside amusements (cargo ships are sent elsewhere)

@vantablack some piers are also way smaller and were originally for taking cargo and people to and from vessels rather than pleasure piers (though most of them are now repurposed for entertainment purposes (if they weren't already built for that) due to changes in maritime operations..

(the pier at Felixstowe is more of a pleasure pier but it was full with people last Friday so I didn't want to go too near it to take photos, might get some later in the year when its quieter)

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