using emojis in emails y/n


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As long as it's not in a professional message, there's no harm to do it.

@vantablack no no no no no. i wanna go back to when text emails were the standard. fuck html, fuck stupid emojis, ughhh. i still send emoticons but NO emojis

@vantablack an occasional ':)' is okay as long as it's not used in a passive aggressive way, that's as far as non-verbal emotion expression goes, but at least emoticons are still text... am I... old

@vantablack Yes, in both personal and professional. Normalize seeing other humans, even business acquaintances, as emotional actors.

@vantablack with the caveat of not using them for anything too important/critical as not everything is Unicode-clean and its almost certain at least one of them will get mojibaked (this happens even on two slightly different versions of Outlook linked to an Exchange server, which otherwise handle multiple languages etc fine..)

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