gonna apply for a janitor job at the place where DD works!!!!!!!!!!!

soooooooooooooooo stoked to work for the state of washington and get decent pay and good health bennies and not be treated like absolute subhuman dirt by every person i come into contact with and be worked like a fucking dog seven days a week for months on end til i give up on life completely

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y'know, it's the little things that really make a difference

i used to work in fast food

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literally i cannot be reminded of the fact that i used to work in fast food, without rage bubbling to the surface of my psyche

it's impossible

the torture i endured... that shit was traumatic

i wanna kill my old boss

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i cannot go through a fast food drive through without tangibly feeling the pain of every worker in the building

it's inhumane, the shit they're expected to put up with

i feel the anxiety. i feel the fear. i feel the stress. i feel it all. and i feel so guilty about even ordering anything at all

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violence, fast food managers 

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