oh my god check this out

this just might be the coolest thing i have seen in my entire life

@vantablack At times it sounds like they're trying to cover that song Atlas by Battles from LittleBigPlanet

@vantablack Nice stuff!! Make me think about Ryōji Ikeda :)

@vantablack un concert tordant vu le poid des instruments :p

@vantablack i've been on their performance on Ars Electronica. Very cool 🤓

@minx I've seen the tv bongos at ars electronica a couple times, here's a link if anyone's curious for more: ars.electronica.art/outofthebo

@vantablack same as said by someone not federated with me: somewhat sounds like a Battles cover, which makes it look even more skilful! youtu.be/IpGp-22t0lU

@vantablack des this jap. art music group have now a internet boost. A typical viral hype.

@vantablack This is the band you find playing in a space-stations bar out in the backwoods of Uncharted space.

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