okay i did it, ordered some used military clothes off etsy for cheaps to cut the pockets out of and sew to my flannel

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i hate that military fatigues are so associated with the military because they're just so fun to wear, soooooooooooo useful with all the pockets and they look neat too!

@vantablack Yeah, I went into this summer wanting to dress kind of tank girl and then realized I didn't want to look at all like the apparatus of state power :(

Still have a couple low key old swedish field jackets, one I cut the sleeves off of. And of course the ridiculous pink camo.

@recursive i think the tank girl style is still possible to pull off! you just need to sew a bunch of anti-authority patches to the jacket so people know what's up lol

@vantablack Yeah. I need to spend some quality time with a needle and thread.

@recursive i recommend waxed dental floss for sewing! it's hella resilient

@vantablack interesting thought, but I think I only have the weird teflon dental floss and my spouse has all of the usual sewing supplies on hand :)

@vantablack vanta out here single handedly destroying the military machine by stealing all their pockets

@becky @vantablack

cut to some GI shouting "HEY! THESE ANTIFA PUNKS STOLE MY POCKETS!" and all his bullets, spare guns, cigarettes etc fall crashing to the floor, and his trousers fall down - "THEY TOOK MY GODDAMN BELT AS WELL!"

@vfrmedia did they also steal their time machine? how will they get back to the 1940s :(

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