someone posted a link to a podcast in this cyberpunk facebook group about how the alt-right has hijacked the term "red pill" from a movie by two trans women that's heavily coded with trans themes

and the whole comments section is cishet fucksticks arguing that, no, the matrix has noooooooothing to do with being trans. not one bit! nope. not at all!

fucking... shitheads

i must hate myself or something because i just. keep. reading. these comments.

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why is facebook always such a transphobic dumpster fire

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@vantablack these twits are not worthy to cause you a single milligram of pain, no matter how horrifically, radioactively wrong they are

@vantablack Yeah, the point is that the people who thought up the “red pill” idea are trans, not that they made a movie about robots and virtual reality unrelated to transgender.

But alas their ideas are just as good, regardless of their gender, so they’re easy as any ideas for nutcases to adopt as their own. I honestly think it has a positive effect on the alt-right… at least they’re promoting critical thinking, while grinding that “persecution complex” axe.

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