please please please tell me nothing can kill the fediverse

that we will resist until the very last instance goes down

this place is such an integral part of my life, i'd be completely hollow if it were suddenly ripped away

this place is my digital home

i don't even really fully know what's going down, all i know is there's a chance large swaths of the fediverse might go bye-bye and that would make me extremely sad

this place is my home

@vantablack where is this paranoia coming from... what is the threat to Fediverse... what did I miss πŸ€”πŸ€”
@vantablack hmm I just read that but that has nothing to do with fediverse... that's for twitter FB and Google... how do you reckon it will result in bad outcome for fediverse....
@vantablack hmm... let's just agree Trump is an idiot who is doing something that he thinks will help him win the next election but fediverse is a more polite and happier culture in my experience and I doubt it is going anywhere...not least because of the orange buffoon
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