please please please tell me nothing can kill the fediverse

that we will resist until the very last instance goes down

this place is such an integral part of my life, i'd be completely hollow if it were suddenly ripped away

this place is my digital home


the fediverse must resist

the fediverse will resist

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i don't even really fully know what's going down, all i know is there's a chance large swaths of the fediverse might go bye-bye and that would make me extremely sad

this place is my home

this was the post that made me think something bad might happen to the fediverse btw

@vantablack yo what makes you think that? apparently i'm out of the loop

@vantablack that really probably wont touch the fediverse. those are laws affecting businesses, and only a part of the fediverse is a COMPANY.

Also fuck that guy. in the eye socket. with a pitchfork

@vantablack @xorowl

A considerable part of the Fediverse is hosted well outside the USA, there there is 100% of jack shit Trump can do about any content there, unless he thinks its feasible to isolate USA internet from the rest of the World - which is not going to be that easy and could even cause commercial websites to stop working correctly and collapse the USA economy (as USA companies buy ads on the corporate European social networks, so need to communicate with them)

@vfrmedia @vantablack yeah that TOO! (i mean we're both in the US, so if something "happened" that broke masto for US citizens, we'd both be fucked, but thats not what this can do)

@vantablack where is this paranoia coming from... what is the threat to Fediverse... what did I miss 🤔🤔
@vantablack hmm I just read that but that has nothing to do with fediverse... that's for twitter FB and Google... how do you reckon it will result in bad outcome for fediverse....
@vantablack hmm... let's just agree Trump is an idiot who is doing something that he thinks will help him win the next election but fediverse is a more polite and happier culture in my experience and I doubt it is going anywhere...not least because of the orange buffoon

@vantablack I don't think the FCC (even with help of the NSA) have enough officers to go through every part of the Fediverse, find out who runs it, get content taken down etc.

A couple of weeks ago these boomers up the road from where I work blatantly ran a big illegal radio transmitter for about 2 days, strong enough to be heard in London (120km away), our Communications Ministry (Ofcom) couldn't do anything about it because of lockdown, and lack of resources...

@vantablack there's a very slim chance USA authorities could request ISPs to block "foreign Internet", but its more likely to be done with low tech methods like DNS poisoning that are easy to bypass - and would also requires the USA govt to spend tax money on public sector resources which many USA politicians hate doing...

@vfrmedia @vantablack I think the fediverse will survive whatever declarations The Orange Menace makes, but it's worth keeping an eye on what happens with section 230. Worst case: some US based instances might need to host from the EU or elsewhere.

Longer term, admins should also be thinking about hosting on onion addresses, but remaining on the clearnet if at all possible should be a primary aim due to accessibility.

@bob @vfrmedia @vantablack

In a way it's similar to what happened in Japan recently, where and said they would close (I don't know if it's still the case) for the new Japanese regulation about content moderation, following Hana Kimura's death. Anyway, as long as an instance has robust financial support from their users, it will survive, overseas or else.

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