OH SHIT!!!!!! NEW NINE INCH NAILS MUSIC RELEASED TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FOR FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND IT'S GHOSTS V-VI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

my first thought when i saw this

OF COURSE trent reznor is making music right now, he's stuck in fucking quarantine like the rest of us

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@vantablack dang I apparently need to make an account to download it :(

@vantablack Yeah I did. The only options are add to wishlist and add to cart. And to check out with the cart I need to make an account.

@vikxin that's odd! they must've changed it since this morning, i know a lot of people in NIN facebook groups have been stuck on the "payment processing" page (even though it's free) so maybe that's why

want me to upload it somewhere for you?

@vikxin @vantablack hm, interestingly, having the same problem here.

and the "Authorizing Payment" page is loading endlessly. hm.

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