@vantablack then joe biden came to the rescue and buried the dog

@trevdev @vantablack lmao

Collecting rents on tenants who will be out on the streets during a pandemic is way more messed up than taking care of their dog for a day while they refuse to. 😂😂😂😂😂

@slightlyflightyone @vantablack in this case the shit rolls uphill. Charging mortgage on properties that have tenants is problematic.

@trevdev @vantablack Agreed. Property owners should take that up with the bank.

@trevdev @vantablack well to summarize his thesis, edouard siddon my dick and balls ya lil shit

@TwoVealCutlets @vantablack this isn't about me, or your landlord, even. This is about you, your problems and your pain. Take it out on me if you must but we will all struggle in the coming months.

P.S. we are one payment away from homelessness, too

@vantablack Here's hoping federal relief never arrives and they live rent-free forever.

@vantablack assuming they took good care of the dog… that's some mfing praxis

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