i wish there was someone on etsy who sold G.L.O.S.S. patches



hey if anyone on the fediverse has a screen printer i'll pay you $5 for every custom patch you print and mail to me

please boost so i can find someone

if anyone has the equipment to screen print patches, please hit me up. i will make it worth your while.

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i just really really REALLY want a G.L.O.S.S. patch lol

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@vantablack I have a pal who has the equipment for this kind of thing, but I don't know what their pricing model is would you like me to inquire with them?

@vantablack ok so far I've got a non-committal "we can probably make that happen :)" text back but I'll keep you updated

@vantablack cc: @Moss i know you dont gotta press but i know you make patches

@vantablack you can buy a cheap starter kit for under $30 just diy. i have access to the tools and i know a few people who do it for a living but they would all refuse to print a gloss design lol

@chillallmen ahh, okay! i just threw that out there because that's around how much people usually charge for patches on etsy lol

@vantablack yeah cause they can make them in bulk, like making the screen is the labor intensive bit, after that its just painting the screen

@vantablack i dont think labor intensive is the word but they gotta print the design on plastic of some sort, paint the screen with uv reactive stuff, let it dry, then get the unhardened paint off, then print the thing

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