wanna get into nine inch nails but not sure where to begin? now there's a handy flowchart to help you out!

Man, I stopped listening to NIN after The Fragile. But I was a teen in 99. There are parts of this follow chart that sound like what I've been looking for recently. Might have to give Trent another shot. Seems he may have grown before i was ready...

Ended up listening to Still, Gone Girl, and Mid90s today. I'd say for the first time ever, but Still was all repeats. Was good listening all around.

@cryptoxic hell yeah!!! still is the best!

you should also check out the soundtrack to the girl with the dragon tattoo! it's really good

Didn't manage Girl w/ Dragon Tattoo today. I got caught up listening to Ghosts. Damb it was good. There's always tomorrow tho!

@vantablack Jesus, the last time I seriously listened to NIN was "Broken". I am officially Old. =_=

@noelle @vantablack

Broken is an amazing album though.

I liked the rawness of PHM but Broken is probably my favorite of his work.

@TheGibson @vantablack I'm not saying it was a bad album, I'm saying it was almost 30 years ago.

I was wrong, though, "Downward Spiral" was the last album I paid attention to. Still a quarter century ago.

@noelle @vantablack

Thanks for that.

I remember buying those CDs, PHM was one of the first CDs I bought. I was like 13. :P

@TheGibson @vantablack The very first CD I owned was "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida" by Iron Butterfly, but PHM wasn't far behind. ;)

@thegibson @noelle @vantablack Broken was the first NIN cd I bought. For a while I thought that was what all of it their stuff that didn't play on the radio sounded like. It was a disappointing come down.

@vantablack very helpful! ❤️
although seeing this has me wanting to make a handy flowchart for skinny puppy lol

@vantablack okay this is brilliant and now i would love it if other artists had this done with their work and linked into here

@vantablack my partner is making notes on where to add American McGee's Alice and Tori Amos, this is great

@vantablack I actually just straight up cackled at "when stuck, take a shortcut to the fragile"

@vantablack Also, be aware that the paths to Coil, Saul Williams, David Bowie, Marilyn Manson and Depeche Mode are return trips.

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