is punk dead

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wow i posted this 10 minutes ago and it already has 45 votes lol

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@vantablack if punk is dead how did it chuck a 40 at me from under the overpass the other day

@vantablack "made an america" was nominated for a motherfuckin' grammy

"burn it" won a kerrang award for best song of 2019

@vantablack punk is dead and it has always been dead because only the dead can't be killed

@vantablack punk is in a constant state of "punk is dead. long live punk!"

@vantablack (lol. "Punk's Not Dead" by Exploited just came on shuffle)

"Punk's not dead
It just deserves to die
When it becomes another stale cartoon
A close-minded, self-centered social club
Ideas don't matter, it's who you know"
- Chickenshit Conformist by the Dead Kennedys

"Punk's not dead, I know
Punk's not dead, I know
Punk's not dead, I know
Punk's not dead, I know it's not"
- The Exploited


@vantablack I always was more of a Metal, and Gothic Rock, and Industrial, and related type, compared to Punk, but, early punk crossed into Goth, and Metal, so, but, I will always choose Punk over this endless Rap OCD movement.

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