i hope this becomes a meme

X all the X your gay little X can X

smoke all the weed your gay little bong can cherry

maybe that's too many X's, maybe that's too complicated

@vantablack i remember highschool when all the gang was going to the shop and we bought one soda can for 7 and stole dozens of euros of chocolate bars and shit for the maths class haha good old time

@vantablack btw i still wait for your "vantablack guid to shoplifting" book :P

@baerd it's already out! the link is in my profile, too!

here it is! ttm.sh/-8.txt

@vantablack kill all the cops your gay little ass can shoot

@vantablack (It's less than it seems, because for the "X all the X" those two Xs are the same phrase, so aren't two seperate degrees of freedom. So it's
"A(part1) all the A(part2) your gay little B can C",
filling in A, B, and C --
which is a relatively normal meme-slot number (e.g. Distracted Boyfriend, Giving A Sword, etc.), possibly a bit high for a plain-text meme, but also there's room for either B or C to standardize in the template, or to join into a single two-parter like A.)

@vantablack (My guess would be possible standardizations-to-less-complexity of one of the three:

B , C -> B(part1), B(part2)
e.g.: [overanalyze] all the [memes] your gay little [hands] can [hold]

B -> "carry"
e.g.: [overanalyze] all the [memes] your gay little [mind] can carry

C -> "ass"
e.g.: [overanalyze] all the [memes] your gay little ass can [find]

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