which is more cyberpunk?

(boosts appreciated)


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@vantablack even analogue watches are more cyberpunk than smartwatches; no contest

@vantablack what the hell vanta this is like asking

“Is water, ice or steam?”

@vantablack why would anyone not pick vapes shaking my damn head right now

@vantablack vapes:

* illegal
* everyone hates you (total punk move)
* gratuitous LEDs
* high tech low-life shit

also i hate vapes please don't smoke (except for the mere et guana)

@substack that last message was a test to see if replying with a canned response from my galaxy watch would work. it did!


Damn. At first I thought it said "smartwiches" and I was gonna' ask what that is exactly. 🍞 🧠 🍞

@vantablack if smartwatches had shady shops where you picked up augmentations and swapped in parts yourself, there would be some competition.

Vapes are practically an archetype for cyberpunk tech.

@vantablack smartwatches (out of the box, not hacked) are cyberpunk in being tools of the decaying surveillance state, vapes are cyberpunk in being the chosen comfort of the rebellious downtrodden, especially as illegal market cartridges are nearly as popular as legal ones. This could just as easily flip, but it’s the *current* nonfictional state.

@vantablack clearly not smartwatches but I'm not gonna give a vote to nicotine. Let's say these vapes deliver smart drugs and strawberry flavor.

@vantablack which one is more like augmentation via technology? a smart watch is closer to an implant than a cringeworthy vape

@vantablack What if the smart watch is actually an arduino, duct taped to ones arm?

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