@vantablack it's bad when capitalists come out with it; much worse when self-described socialists agree

@vantablack not to mention that capitalism actively prohibits inventions, by taking away resources a large portion of the population and require each innovation to pay it's investments back, within 6 months or so

@vantablack Actually capitalism can be very anti-science. Witness all the global warming denial from the carbon fuel companies and the politicians in their pay.

@vantablack Sophistry. Capitalism promotes innovation by economically incentivizing improvements in existing technology. This incentive promotes rapid technological advancement over time.

Pre-capitalist society had invention, yes, but the pace of change was slow because of the tenuous connection between the innovator and the economic effects of his innovation.

Also, in pre-industrial society it was often cheaper to steal through warfare than to properly innovate.

@vantablack Tetris, one of the most successful computer games in history, was invented in Soviet Russia. :thinknyan:

@vantablack This meme makes a fallacy called "hasty generalization" en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Faulty

Many science researchs are influenced by the (capitalist) society were they are conceived, planed, managed and developed; for example neuromarketing.
Many technologies around us probably wouldn't exist without capitalism; for example Facebook.

@vantablack science and technology ecosystem in a non-capitalist society would be absolutely different!

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