@lanodan @vantablack No they are fruits.
Bird are probaly the only kind of flying fruits tho

@Ytrezar @vantablack Myeah, wrong one here.
Is that a new kind of species organisation?
Like screw mammal, there is fruits and veggies.

@lanodan @vantablack It's just a new way of viewing things.
It may not invalidate the other view

Can anyone explain what above banner is trying to say ?


@vantablack *sprinkling some almonds on some strawberries* hmm this not-fruit will benefit by my adding this definitely-fruit

@vantablack counterpoint: only sperm-carrying birds contain seeds so they're fruit and the rest are vegetables

@vantablack so penguins, ostriches, farm chickens are just culinary birds and not scientifically birds?

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