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I spend way too much time on mastodon

I wonder why the fuck it takes me so long to get anything done, then I realize every task I complete is punctuated with at least forty minutes of shitposting

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I hope today is an easy day at work and my shittier coworkers aren't here

tumblr is like a desolate wasteland where once upon a time was, for better or for worse, a thriving community

I like on my phone if I move the screen up and down real fast it looks like @vantablack's avatar is a bouncy ball

Remembering the greatest piece of investigative journalism in history.

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Look, I’m just doing my incredibly racist and harmful job. Stop being mean to me!

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oof someone saying pop music blows and then beginning their list of rock legends starts with elvis presley

omg bro, do i even need to go down this rabbit hole

once again the fediverse proves that "friendly debate" is for things like jelly vs preserves and not for things like should this group of humans be allowed to live

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