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I spend way too much time on mastodon

I wonder why the fuck it takes me so long to get anything done, then I realize every task I complete is punctuated with at least forty minutes of shitposting

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imagine having to unlock your smartwatch with a pin every time you turned the screen on like a phone


just 12 days left until the big day

hrt day

and 11 days left until the mr. robot finale

just finished watching the first 4 episodes of steven universe: future

it was great

oh shit has exceeded its bandwidth limit

where else can i watch steven universe: future online?

quick, someone send me that ascii art of a cat holding a sign

oh no

it's happening

embrace, extend, and extinguish

twitter is gonna try to federate with the fediverse and it'll be the apocalypse

Pretty sure I know the answer to this already, but I'm honestly curious, especially for people in my feeds.

If Twitter were to join the fediverse, you would want your home server to:

Twitter: we are looking into decentralising Twitter.

The Fediverse: ha ha ha BLOCK

mastodon is crumbling, and if it were a cake wouldn't that sound delicious?

420, work 

and of course, i was introduced to his work through the original first season 2 trailer for mr. robot

the one i can't find anywhere on youtube now for some reason

zack hemsey makes music specifically for using in trailers

and all i see is war path ahead of me
each and every step i welcome readily

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