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I spend way too much time on mastodon

I wonder why the fuck it takes me so long to get anything done, then I realize every task I complete is punctuated with at least forty minutes of shitposting

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I really was planning to go to sleep, but I thought of a great post ("mccree is just boneless ashe") in the bathroom and yeah

will overwatch's story ever actually advance past winston initiating the recall

should I try to go to sleep now

I don't feel particularly sleepy

damn, why do I always do my best posting at like one in the morning

coming out, right now, in this post Show more

tomorrow's the big moment of truth

I'll find out if this job is really gonna be full time, or if my boss is just stringing me along

if it's not full time I'm super fucked

remembering the time I had this uber driver who thought he was so cool because he knew some obscure punk band I didn't but then I blew his mind with the existence of folk punk

I think I'll stay awake and post

that's usually lots of fun

okay it's 1 AM

I should probably go to sleep

but I still don't feel sleepy or like going to sleep

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