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I spend way too much time on mastodon

I wonder why the fuck it takes me so long to get anything done, then I realize every task I complete is punctuated with at least forty minutes of shitposting

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also worried i'll start raging and flipping the fuck out or something once my HRT runs out

i have to try to be calm

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sooooooooo afraid i'll run out of what little HRT my mom left me to "wean me off" before i can get my schizophrenia meds

sooooooooo afraid i won't be able to get my meds entirely

this is not an anthem or a threat in someone's name
but a promise that tomorrow
will rock and burn if things don't change
there's something in the air
and there's something rising up
not one, but a million that have had enough

hey yo, no
i'm not gonna go away
i've got something more to say
kick and scream
it knocks you down, it knocks you down
hey yo, go
underneath we'll tear you down
secrets from the underground
anger starts a fire

every time my mom and her boyfriend leave for a little bit to go to the store or something i feel soooooooooo happy inside

and every time they return it's a crushing sadness

just not having them around makes me feel sooooooo much better

i will absolutely die inside if anything fucks up my escape plans

my soul will wither away

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before i would've said probably not, but after the shit they pulled taking my HRT out of my backpack i wouldn't put anything past them...

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i wonder... if they caught me leaving, would they try to physically stop me? even though i'm a grown-ass adult?

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i get to go to seattle!!! which is really exciting!!!!! i always wanted to go there!!!!!!!!!!

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aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa i can't fucking wait to get out of here!!!!!!!!!!!!! and finally be free from all the abusive bullshit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


i know i've said this a million times but

i'm so scared yet so excited

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all i need to do now is get my meds

then my escape plan will be in order

today is just some other dimension's MMO simulation, and that's that!

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