If there's anything that will drive me off of cohost, it's if it gets too high of a concentration of people who think free software is a failure because a bad person used some once.

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You know you're in for a bad take when someone starts talking about mastodon in the past tense.

@cadxdr I don't think their business model makes sense or will succeed, but that's a different question.

My prediction is that this will only last a few years, never make any money, and will be quietly shut down. I'm fine with that, it seems nice.

@cadxdr They appear to be an explicitly leftist coop nonprofit not relying on VC or anything of that kind. Maybe I'm missing something, but what makes them "just another startup" other than the fact that their business model isn't very clear?

If anything, from what I've seen I'd think calling them too idealistic would be a more appropriate criticism than calling them another regular startup.

Hypnospace Outlaw doesn't support 4:3 and places an unhidden folder right in ~.


@tindall That's definitely a huge benefit! I like federation for a twitter-like for that reason, but for cohost in particular I don't care all that much.

A site like tumblr, for me at least, was never a place for friends or making many connections at all. The focus there was not on people, but on finding images and gifs and videos relevant to things I care about. Go further back, and it was more like a proper network of blogs.

If they ever stop being cool over at cohost, I can just leave and I don't really care. A site like that was never going to be how I interact with my friends. The "use a decent platform until it goes to shit and then hop somewhere else" status quo sucks, but for this kind of thing in particular I'm not sure it's a big deal for me. I won't lose anything.

@tindall I dunno, from the perspective of someone who will never host my own mastodon instance, the fediverse is equally as "just trust us bro" as anything else. I don't really have any idea what this instance is running. They tell me, but as far as I know there's no way for me to verify that.

Free software and self-hostability is something I care about a lot still, just not in terms of trust on the web where anyone could be hosting anything. I may well be uninformed though, I'm a pretty nontechnical user.

...anyone happen to have a cohost invite?

fedi hot take 

@sc Honestly I disagree, I think twitter-style social media is one of the few things that actually gains from federation. When I see it applied to most other problems it just feels pointless (I like lemmy and bookwyrm for what they are, but they'd be better as self hostable regular sites), but here being able to access as many people as possible while also having instances with different vibes and rulesets is basically the whole point.

@sc What are you referring to? Alt-tumblr sounds wonderful...

A terrifying thought:

Not only do people who use the stretched display option when playing GB/GBC games on GBA exist, but I've probably met one before.

@sc there's an extension for it

would be nice to have by default though

Put a new shell on the AGS-101 my girlfriend got me! The buttons were supposed to be white but I only used the white switch and shoulder buttons because the originals were just clickier and imo an SP should be clicky.

And despite them generally being distributed as executables, setting them up on linux is super easy with protontricks.

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I've been playing custom WaW zombies maps with my qpp and it's super fun!

lemonade was a popular drink and it still is

I wish I could play Unreal without constantly taking breaks. Those late 90s tech demo flickering lights in dark areas are brutal on my eyes, especially considering the frame cap.

It's nice that luxtorpeda lets you use the native linux version through steam.

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