Put a new shell on the AGS-101 my girlfriend got me! The buttons were supposed to be white but I only used the white switch and shoulder buttons because the originals were just clickier and imo an SP should be clicky.

My girlfriend drew this ADORABLE comic of her winding me up when I'm tired and I think I basically have to do the wind up cyborg mouse idea now.

She's making me say that she traced a panel and stuff but like who cares.

New in box Dell E773c on the way. Completely average monitor and not quite as pretty, but getting something new will really ease my anxiety with this stuff.

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Still dialing in the brightness and contrast, but I added this pretty Viewsonic E70 crt to my setup.

Valve is so good at expressive animation that just looking at walls in Portal 2 is fun.

misogynistic lyrics 

I love plenty of Lupe tracks but when he misses he misses HARD.

He's like "I used to hate misogyny until I met a woman I didn't like".

I love the absurdly detailed documentation there is on every element of Half-Life.

It gets to ridiculous levels sometimes, which gives me a good laugh:

silly straight edge posting 

As happy as I am with being straight edge, our aesthetics fucking suck and always look weirdly fashy.

So I propose mouse furry free software straight edge tattoos, perfectly fitting my niche :^)

SuperTuxKart has a rocket league mode now?

This game is still mostly a novelty even after all these years but it's honestly come a long way and is a competent and pretty fun kart racer nowadays.

plus I can play as CUBE


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