I'm a wind up mouse am I allowed on bot-only instances or is it like a Syberia type deal?

Interested in akkoma since I always preferred pleroma but just didn't wanna deal with the free speech absolutists it atttracted. I was thinking disqordia but saw people throwing ableist slurs around so I dunno how well moderated it is.

Would appreciate any recommendations.

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Aw, sad to see cybre.space go. I haven't been here too long, but this was the instance that got me back on mastodon after deleting my account on weirder.earth (not that I had a problem with that place, it's lovely) so I really appreciate it.

I'll have to think about where I end up. weirder.earth is the most likely option but I'm not sure...I'll be looking around.

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I feel that school courses requiring the use of software such as lockdown browser and monitor is an attack on students' freedoms. This is especially bad when the course is "in person." I was going to do a class, but the syllabus - something you can't see until the class starts - said the lectures are in person, but the tests will be online and I would need to have a computer with lockdown browser / monitor and adobe flash. I believe schools should encourage / allow tools that have freedom.

Another course requires the use of Matlab. Fortunately, GNU Octave should work in its place. But, I think that the academic use of software should encourage freedom and copyleft software. Anything less than freedom is unacceptable, especially in academia. I never dropped a class so fast.

Anyone else have boomer profs requiring "the latest version" (lmao) of adobe flash? Abandoned software with several critical CVEs? How do you handle that?

My girlfriend drew my sona in my RuneScape questing gear :blobmeltsoblove:

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Today we're releasing v0.17.0 of #FreeTube

This release has a ton of changes and fixes which includes being able to screenshot videos as well as improvements to our Sponsorblock implementation. Check out the full patch notes over on GitHub.


As always, the new release can be downloaded over on our website.


#privacy #opensource

every day that passes, ytp sexer becomes a funnier punchline

While its true that dunking on people who care about horoscopes and the like often comes more from misogyny than anything, those things really do weird me out.

They carry a sort of strange biological determinism but with a more mystical justification than other expressions of that. Fuck anything that suggests the circumstances of birth say anything about who you are.

here it is without the dot to do your own, since my qpp complained about my dot overlapping the line

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Had an idea...plot yourself on this, anyone who uses Linux or other foss OSes.

OOPS I just found a EC3-C for an amazing price on ebay and got that too

I'm not obsessed you're obsessed

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Been swapping around mice and experimenting a bit with shapes, and I think I'm going to keep this EC2-C.

It's an absolutely lovely classic, though I'm not sure if it's my endgame. I want to experiment a bit more with other things in this family of shapes like the EC3-C or Vaxee Outset AX, but for now I'm very happy with this and will probably be ordering new skates and a faster mousepad (LGG Venus, maybe?) to make it feel even better.

I generally don't "ask to ask", but any community that directs people toward that link is just signalling that they aren't worth your time.

Got a super overkill cooler for my 5600X because I wanted something I could carry over if I upgrade and it'll handle any AM4 cpu and will be AM5 compatible.

Using the OC preset, it went from hitting 99 and tripping the protection to maxing at 62. Holy shit.

Xfwm putting in the legwork to implement a wayland session is exciting.

I'm a GNOME lover but Xfce with Wayland might drag me back to it.

triggers meta 

It sucks having a trigger (of sorts, I don't know if it's a "real" trauma thing but it fucks me up and I can latch onto it for a very long time) that is incredibly mundane and shown all over the place without any warning.

At least my friends know to put warnings and stuff.

I love esports and have recently been getting back into all that stuff, but I really wish they didn't keep us bound to the whims of the companies that actually own the games.

Imagine a world where they were instead all FOSS. We wouldn't have these crises when a worse sequel comes out and all the corporate money pushes the community onto it. Rulesets could be decided by the needs of the community with governing bodies serving their interests. We would never worry about servers going down or otherwise ruining what could be an immortal sport. We could actually imagine people playing a century from now.

It wouldn't fix all our problems. No one owns basketball or chess yet the NBA and FIDE have tight grips influenced by corporate whims. The biggest difference is that it's at least possible for it *not* to be like that, and the money that's being raked in goes toward making competitions bigger and better...not selling more copies of the game.

At least I agree with them on Model Ms. I love mine, even if it isn't my daily driver anymore.

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Entering spaces with keyboard enthusiasts is always funny because I have very anti-cool taste. MX Browns are my favorite switches and I only use full size layouts.

My daskeyboard 4 is basically my ideal board. The only things I would do to improve it are to make the volume knob feel a bit nicer and make it a southpaw layout so I could both enjoy having a numpad and get more right hand mousing space.

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