Honestly Valorant seems like it would be the perfect game for me having grown up on CSS and then playing the hell out of the glory days of CSGO but now being burnt out on those games.

Too bad it's literal malware and I wouldn't install it even if I did have a Windows partition right now. It's such a shame.

What's the cheapest next step up for a home server / NAS solution from a raspberry pi with an external drive plugged in? I switched to this from when I previously used an old desktop for it because space restrictions kept me from actually having a wired connection on that, but I am limited by the speed of USB 3 and can't do raid or easily add more drives or anything like that. Plus drive enclosures seem unreasonably expensive to the point where a used small form factor pc almost makes more sense.

New in box Dell E773c on the way. Completely average monitor and not quite as pretty, but getting something new will really ease my anxiety with this stuff.

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MTG is so strange with how it never lives in the moment of the newest set. It's difficult to keep up with when it falls below being your #1 interest because by the time you get around to engaging with a set, the community's eyes have moved elsewhere.

unfortunately I'm gonna have to return this. Gorgeous machine, but it needs some simple adjustments that I'm not really comfortable doing.

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Still dialing in the brightness and contrast, but I added this pretty Viewsonic E70 crt to my setup.

I can never shake the feeling that ssh is essentially magic.

I just caved and paid ebay prices for a beautiful ViewSonic CRT monitor. I'm in a great spot for finding free high end CRT TVs, but I've looked out for years for a suitable monitor and found nothing.

It'll be well worth it though.

Thinking about when a teacher told my class that "milliseconds don't exist, they were made up by the Mythbusters."

She was a math teacher.

about my stream 

Hi! I won't post this every time I go live or anything, but I've been starting to stream regularly and would love to have you! Usually it's random retro and indie stuff, but right now I'm starting a group ironman on Runescape with my girlfriend!


If a job's worth doing, it's worth half-assing at first to make yourself feel better, then seeing what can be improved on after a nap

Tearing up just thinking about the maze in Photopia again.

uspol, anger 

nothing to say but fuck this. burn it all down.

its the new way i like to be
come on isaac run to me

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My MiSTer is currently in Kansas and I will be glued to this tracker for the next few days.

There's few things that put someone in the "My people" category faster than properly appreciating the Sega Saturn controller.

So as a result of a bunch of factors, I now have a MiSTer kit on the way and I am losing my mind. I've wanted this foreve r;lasdkfj;asa;ldkjga;lsgdhpoadf

Finally seeing Elden Ring performance in Wayland be about equal to X11. That was my last wall keeping me from moving over, so after testing a few other games...I think it's finally time for Wayland full time on all my machines!. I expect that I'll still have to move over to X11 for a few games occasionally, but my main games appear to be good and that's good enough for me.

Now I just wish Mutter would implement VRR on Wayland and that protocol for allowing screen tearing would come through.

Goodbye to that fucking Reagan administration display server.

Valve is so good at expressive animation that just looking at walls in Portal 2 is fun.

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