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I'm a complicated person with a whole bunch of different interests. To start, I'm proudly ( and ). I'm also a and mystic, a devotee of and who is also close to and .

I'm a into , , a , a , and an .

I'm coming over here from Facebook, looking to find a social network that is more supportive of queer folk such as myself.

@Sapphicgiraffic the closets in the original bedrooms in my house were never done properly. Just first generation wallboard (1947) hammered in next to each other with gaps in the corners, a large hole drilled through them for a dryer vent (since removed), and a crappy homemade shelf.

My wife and I spent the last x weeks sanding the closer in the former master bedroom (now a craft room), putting joint compound over all the wallboard joints, and cutting/sanding/painting shelves

My wife apprantly had a dream last night where Danny DeVito was singing Peaches "Fuck The Pain Away"

For the first time in a long time, I am actually happy with my hair. Time to run it with a baseball cap and get covered with joint compound and paint.

@wolfie and here is my non-winding el cheapo Casio watch. Notice how this ladies watch is the same damned size as a men's watch was in the 1990s? And my 1948 men's Bulova is the size of 1990s womens watches. Mens watches today are just obscenely large, like they're compensating for something.

things I wish ppl had told me about adhd 

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Image of California wildfires 

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I suspect that this post can only be truly appreciated by folx in central CT (or in the insurance industry)

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Innnnnn West Hartford I was born and raised
At the insurance company I spent most of my days
Sending out faxes and filling out forms
And calculating numbers from night until morn
When a couple of underwriters who were up to no good
Started making trouble in my neighborhood
I got in one little claims dispute and my boss got scared
"You're goning to go work for our Marine Property and Casualty Division in Bel-Aire"

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Us pol and gov, USPS 

Nonbinary women and men are real and are still very much nonbinary people, too.

Genders can be partial, mixed together, absent, and more, and those genders can include "man" or "woman."

A nonbinary woman is a nonbinary person somehow related to womanhood and vice versa. A nonbinary man is a nonbinary person somehow related to manhood and vice versa.

Nonbinary-ness can take so many forms, which is a fact that is fascinating and worthy of celebration.

#nonbinarypride #nonbinary #lgbtq #nonbinarypositivity #nonbinarywoman #nonbinaryman

I’m tired of the hypocrisy of people claiming to support all body types and then saying my nice round bulgy lithium cells are “dangerous” “a fire hazard” and “oh my god Sophie stop touching it”

The neighbor is burning a fire and it smells so _good_

Well, I'm good and buzzed. Time to get the power tools!

Euphamism for vagina, used for effect 

if you dont want men at your gathering you can just say "no men allowed" or if you dont want cis men at your gathering you can say "no cis men allowed." both actually communicate what you want to communicate, neither one makes you sound like a transphobic asshole. (plus theres an added bonus of making it sound like theres a possibility your event takes place in a treehouse)

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